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TDCOP - Optical modular cable head





  • International
    Nexans specification
  • National
    Orange/France Telecom

Optical Modular Cable Head TDCO is designed for high density nodes of FTTx networks where an important flexibility to route the optical signal is requested.

This thermoplastic version gives a significant reduction of weight, over 50% compared with metal version (less than 5 kg with a plastic version equipped with 144 fibers), improves flexibility with individual management of 12 fibers plates, maintains excellent sturdiness, and proposes many innovations as a locking in the working position.

Main functions are:

  • To protect  up to 144 optical splices and fibers against environment and handling,
  • To coil and identify effectively and easily the optical fibers,
  • To coil in each plate up to 2 meters of tube,
  • To distribute by patching or crossing up to 12 fibers per plate,
  • To receive if necessary 1x4, 1x8 or 2x2 splitters. 


TDCOP consists in a frame equipped with maximum 12 plates with covers. Each plate has a 12-fibre modularity. Accessories for fibers management (combs, clamps, sealings…) are provided.

Three common configurations are possible:

Splicing-Patching: Each plate includes without accessory 12 splices on pigtails and 12 SC adapters. Splicing can be made plate opened or down of the cable head. Plate can also be used to connect a pre-connectorised cable or breakout (fan-out Ømax 13mm) directly on adaptors.

Splicing-Splitting-Patching: Each plate can include splitters whose trunks are spliced in a dedicated cassette mounted on swivel hinge.

Splicing-Crossing: in order to save a connection point if the optical budget is limited, this is possible to replace adapters with a grommet. Thus combs integrated into the plates allow the stripping of Ø 2mm instead of 900μm before splicing.

Each plate has a two coiling areas: a first one for coiling up to 2 meters of tube and to allow moving the plate closer to the fusion splicer and a second one protected by a transparent cover to store fibers and splices. Each plate has a dedicated area to splice up to 12 pigtails or crossing fibres. An additional splicing cassette can be installed for splitting purposes.

Fixation is performed with a metal fixed chassis on an optical open frame. The metal chassis also provides rotation axis of the plates, guiding ways for Ø5mm tubes or cables from the rear, guiding ways for Ø2mm patchcords from the front to the left hand side. 



Construction characteristics

Construction characteristics

Cable entry

Dimensional characteristics

Dimensional characteristics

Cable Diameter
5 mm
260 mm
250 mm
272 mm

Usage characteristics

Usage characteristics

Minimum static operating bending radius
30 mm
RoHS compliant
Operating temperature, range
-25 - 70 °C



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