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Outlets: BRO Extension & repair





  • International
    Nexans specification

In the FTTH deployment, the subscriber may need to reorganize the broadband accesses in his accommodation. The BRO is specially designed to do so.

It completes the range of Tetr@XS subscribers’ outlets by playing the role of extension and by insuring the continuity of optical connection with splicing solutions.

Product usage

As the cabling management is very similar to the Tetr@XS outlet, the implementation is facilitated.
BRO is adapted to the different types of fixation: it can be fixed with an angle of 0° or 90° or built-in or fixed on rail DIN.
The conception of the case, thanks to scored parts, brings an additional flexibility: the operator chooses the managements of ports of cables.

The tray can receive, as needed, 4 fusion splices of 45 mm length or 2 mechanical splices combined to 2  fusion splices.
Thanks to the coiling capacity of the 2 drums behind the tray cable reparation is possible when a fiber breaks for example.

BRO is secured thanks to opening of the cover by pushing the clip.


 Components  Base, tray, cover.                                                  
 Materials  ABS with color RAL9010 (white)
 Material UL94-V0
 Temperature  -20°C / +50°C
 Protection  Indoor use: IP40 / IK05
 Fixation  Built-in, wall mounted, on a rail DIN 35mm
 Wall outlet box  All built-in box with 2 screws distant from 60mm or a round built-in box without screw
 Splices capacity  Tray receive 4 splices:
 2 fusion splices + 2 fusion or mechanical splices
 Entrance of cable
  • Cable coming from built-in box (with winding kit)
  • Cable coming from the rear face (10 ports)
  • Cable coming from the front face (6 ports)
    All ports are the BRO are scored
    Drop cable: up to Ø6 mm
 Fiber type  Radius: 15mm - Fibre G657A1, G657A2, G657A3 ou G657B3
 Coiling capacity  Fibers 900µm: 80cm / fiber in the base
 Fibers 250µm: 80cm / fiber in the tray
 Size (W x H x D)  80 x 80 x 25mm (20mm regard to the base of the rail DIN)
 Options  Winding kit for built-in box





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