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Basement Patching: CROS PLUS 1&2




  • International
    Nexans specification


  • Individual management of the subscriber lines,
  • Allows progressive cabling and therefore progressive network deployment,
  • Secure and independent access to each of the user and carrier zones,
  • Connector accessibility,
  • Simple adaptation to various cabling structures and cabling configurations.


CROS PLUS 1 capacity: 24 to 48 connectors and up to 144 splices, or 144 uncut coiled fibers storage.
CROS PLUS 2 capacity: 72 to 96 connectors and up to 288 splices, or 288 uncut coiled fibers storage.

The box is a metal two-compartment housing, each one being secured with a lock. The left one houses the subscriber access connector zone; the right one houses cable entries, splicing trays and coiled fibres.


The boxes are delivered pre-equipped with:

  • a patch panel,
  • cable entry for 3 cables with 13mm max. diameter for CROS PLUS 1,
  • FiberArtTM or standard cassette splicing modules fitted with tube and pigtail affix accessories,
  • one or several oval ports for mid span access and 2 to 6 auxiliary cable entries for a 19mm maximum cable diameter for CROS PLUS 2,
  • top* and bottom jumper or drop cable guiding devices,
  • two-key security system -one unique key for the carrier, one key for the subscriber.


* No top jumper entry for the Protection Index IP45 version



Construction characteristics

Construction characteristics


Usage characteristics

Usage characteristics

Water proof




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