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Basement Patching: CROS Premium 12-24


CROS Premium 12 - 12 FC

Nexans ref. 10078534

  • Packaging: Unit


CROS Premium 12 - 12 SC

Nexans ref. 10075964

  • Packaging: Unit


CROS Premium 12 - 8 ST

Nexans ref. 10076328

  • Packaging: Unit


CROS Premium 24 - 24 FC

Nexans ref. 10179864

  • Packaging: Unit


CROS Premium 24 - 24 SC

Nexans ref. 10179842

  • Packaging: Unit


CROS Premium 24 - 24 ST

Nexans ref. 10179865

  • Packaging: Unit





  • International
    Nexans specification

This product is a transition box between two parts of the network that need to be patched. It receives the incoming and outgoing fibres, ensures the bending radius, integrates the storage of the splice protections and a patch panel.

It is especially designed for indoor applications in Telecom networks. With its low depth and its two dedicated and lockable doors that separate two different areas (Operator and Subscribers for example), this closure is perfect for optical fibre connection and distribution to residential or small professional units.



The CROS Premium is a compact secured optical connection box allowing capacities of 12 or 24 connectors and splices. It manages the interface between fibres coming from the operator network and fibres from the building, going to the flats.

It is a turn-key product with all the accessories included. Up to 24 adapters can be installed, and the small size of the enclosure allows managing short length of 900µm fibres.



This CROS is a metal housing with two compartments.

Each compartment is secured with a lock:

  • The right one accommodates the subscriber access connector zone,
  • the left one accommodates cable entries, splicing tray and coiled fibres from the Operator network.

The patching function is just in-between the two different and lockable areas, as the demarcation point. Up to 24 adapters (of several types) can be installed.

On the other side, combs and plastic rings clamp the fibres and ensure the radius.

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The connection box is delivered pre-equipped with:

  • 2 doors with their key,
  • a patch panel,
  • a patchcord guiding device,
  • 1 or 2 splicing trays (12 fibres per tray),
  • 2 optical cable ports*,
  • a grounding point.


Available accessory: Grounding kit (Nexans ref 10076237)


* Each port is made for

  • 1 cable with a maximal diameter of 13mm,
  • or 2 cables with a maximal diameter of 8mm.


CROS Premium 24



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